Cod. 620281

The Set includes 3 different pieces.

For users that make over 50 cappuccinos and macchiato per day.

This set is useful in order to work fast and continuously serve the milk at perfect temperature.

Includes 3 pieces:

2x 0.6L Foam Locus, designed for a 0.6-liter milk pitcher;

1x 1L Foam Locus, designed for a 1 liter sized milk pitcher.


What is Foam Locus:
It is placed in the edge of the milk jug and it keeps the steam wand in place. Foam Locus allows a perfect vortex and lets the steam wand add air right at the beginning, so that silky and smooth milk foam is created. This way everyone can make perfect foam that is constant in quality.

For optimal results, use 1 Foam Locus per milk pitcher and leave it pinched on your pitcher during the use.

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